What is Somatic Therapy?

Somatic comes from the greek word “soma”, meaning the unified connection between mind and body.
For example, when a person is stressed or anxious, they not only have anxious thoughts and worries come to their mind, but they also tense and constrict – in their stomach, their shoulders, their breathing, and/or their jaw. Hence the state of stress is a deeply embodied experience, not just a mental experience.
When people come to therapy, they are looking for help so that they can feel differently. They want to feel lighter, more calm, happier, etc. Ultimately these are very different states not only of mind, but of the body as well.
So if you want the most effective results you can get from therapy, talk therapy alone has limited power and efficacy.
All of the current cutting edge approaches to trauma transformation – EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, AEDP –  all focus on your embodied experience to help you make transformative changes. They all know that trauma and repressed emotions get stuck in the body and nervous system.
Somatic therapy is the evolution of therapy, because therapy needs to become more effective and transformative, and how we can accelerate therapy is by bringing awareness of the body into your therapy session .