Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing is a powerful therapy that helps you to heal from anxiety, stress, and trauma by helping you restore your nervous system back to health.


Somatic Experiencing was developed by Dr Peter Levine on his lifelong mission to help people heal from stress and traumatic stress. Dr Levine started with the premise that trauma is a fact of life (look at the African Serengeti), and therefore animals and humans must be evolutionarily designed to heal from traumatic events. He then re-discovered exactly how we naturally heal from traumatic stress.

humans are evolutionarily made to heal from traumatic events… We just need to learn how to allow the natural healing process to happen.

What has made modern day humans susceptible to anxiety and unresolved trauma is that we have become disconnected from and over-controlling of our bodies during a time filled with unprecedented stresses and challenges. Whereas our ancestors would have experienced only a brief period of fight, flight or freeze in order to cope with a life threatening event, modern day humans are vulnerable to having their nervous systems get stuck in flight, fight, and/or freeze responses. It is only by reconnecting with your body with the help of an experienced supportive guide that you can reverse the tides within and allow the natural healing process to occur.
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