Bodynamic Therapy

Bodynamic Therapy is a powerful approach for helping people heal from Developmental Trauma.
This form of Somatic Therapy was based on thousands of hours of research on the mind-body connection and children’s development. What they found is that in order for children to successfully navigate through their developmental stages, they need to gain control of certain muscles.


For example the ability to assert boundaries is connected to the tricep and shoulder muscles. If a person is unable to assert healthy boundaries, their tricep and shoulders will be limp and flacid. Conversely if a child growing up needing to become strong and rigid in their boundaries, then these same muscles will be held rigidly. Thus a person’s psychological and life themes are shown in their body, and these can also be changed through engaging certain muscles with awareness.


If something went amiss in your childhood and it is negatively impacting your life, Bodynamic Therapy can help you to process the past and create a new future for you today.