Anxiety & Stress

 Is Anxiety or Stress Limiting Your Life?

Common symptoms of anxiety and stress:

  • negative focus – your mind is caught in dwelling on or anticipating problems
  • insomnia – you may have difficulty sleeping, not being able to truly relax and rest
  • sensitivity – you may be highly sensitive to stimulation such as noise and people’s emotions
  • difficulty saying no – at times you just cant speak up for yourself
  • fatigue – you may feel like you are running on empty
  • difficulty being present – with your mind full of worry, its difficult to stay here and now
  • bodily tension – your back or shoulders may get very tense, holding so much inside
  • other emotional problems – you may also suffer from depression, social phobia, panic attacks, or self-medicate yourself with substances or food
  • health problems – stress has been linked to all of the major diseases, because stress literally shuts down your immune system. It is estimated that over 90% of health problems are caused by stress-related problems!

Fortunately cutting edge methods are revolutionizing the way
e can heal anxiety and chronic stress.

Traditional talk therapy is often of limited help, and can sometimes even reinforce your problems. Anxiety, stress, and traumatic stress impact you to your very core – your nervous system – and words alone cannot heal this.

Your Nervous System is made up of your brain, spinal chord, and more than 100 billion neurons. Beyond your conscious awareness it is continually regulating your heart beat, digestion, breathing, and your fight-flight-freeze threat responses.

What is driving your anxiety and stress is that your nervous system that has gotten caught in a threat response pattern – fight, flight, and/or freeze.

Through cutting edge methods, we are able to work directly with your nervous system to free it from the threat response it has become stuck in and return you back to health.