My Perspective

A therapist can only take you as far as they have journeyed inside themselves. We are all human beings with our histories of trauma, attachment experiences, mental and emotional patterns, resources and strengths, etc.  We each develop specific personality and character patterns along the way.
We are each living in the best way we know how given our histories – knowing this brings compassion.
At the same time, many of our patterns are deep seated from the past and are no longer serving us – knowing this  brings great possibilities for healing and growth.

My Path

I am committed to my personal healing and growth. I have been open to exploring many different healing modalities and continue to do so. I learn best through direct personal experience. Every therapy approach that I offer you, I have received and benefited from myself.


Pain, trauma, and suffering are part of life. We often get stuck in these patterns, yet we are made to heal.
When people have healed from something – trauma, psychological, or otherwise – they are able to find meaning in going through this experience. It teaches them compassion, feeds gratitude for life, and helps cultivate wisdom.

We must accept the “life curriculum” and challenges that are given to us. The longer we wait or get stuck in pity or resentment for what we are experiencing, the longer we stay stuck. Yet healing and growth are within grasp when we embrace these challenges as opportunities.


Adam Bradley Saunders
BC Association of Clinical Counsellors
Registered Clinical Counsellor #3593